Problems with Metadata fetching


I have about 160 Tom & Jerry classic shorts.
They are all listed on TMDB, but for a lot of them I get only the english original title, instead of the german title which is also available on TMDB.

my filename: “Flirten will gelernt sein (1954).mkv”, which is the germann title of the movie.
The movie is found on TMDB here:

Infuse find the movie on TMDB, gets the poster and plot, but always the english original title.

Is there an example of one that gives you the German title? If so could you also provide the file name you have for that one too?

Yes, there are some that work and return the german title.

Filename: “Tom und ich und Nibbelchen (1957).mkv”

Thanks! I’ll dig around a bit on this to see what the difference is.

In the Infuse settings, what do you have set for Language > Metadata?

This setting is set to “Auto” as my Devices are all running in german.

If your up to an experiment, could you do an Edit Metadata both of those two titles and re-select the correct coice then see if either one changes languages?

I tried this bevor, but tried it again.
If I do this, Infuse finds and shows me the titles from TMDB. For both it shows me the titles in german.
But if I select the found titles, the one in english stays in english and the other one stays in german.

What I found on TMDB for my examples is this. The movies with german titles in Infuse have a german title and german plot text on TMDB. Those which are in english in Infuse have a german title on TMDB but only have an english plot text. Maybe Infuse does a fallback then and fetches the english version only in this case. But if so, I would consider this as bug.

That’s what I was seeing also, if you’re a member on TMDB would you consider going to one of the movies that doesn’t have a German plot and putting one in?

I’m not comfortable using Google translate to do this since I don’t speak German and may miss any incorrect translations.

If you could do this and then give it a day to get into the system and again try the edit on that movie and see if it does in fact change to the German title after you add the plot it would help narrow things down.

I did what you suggested. I added a german plot text to one of the movies and waited some hours.
After using “edit metadata” and reselecting the movie, Infuse shows the german title and plot text.
I did it with this one

I discovered something in infuse by chance. All those movie which are shown in Infuse with english titles are found if I enter the german title into the search. It seems as Infuse stores the german title in the metadata cache and makes it searchable, even if it is not displayed.


I appreciate that! So it sounds like as long as a movie has both a German title and a German plot it will display the German title but English title if no German plot.

How many do you have that are not working? I’ll help adding German plots when I get some time if you’ll check the translations after to make sure I’ve not insulted anyone. :wink:

Plenty, a minimum of 50 but I didn’t count them. If I find time I add some translations.
But I still consider this a bug in Infuse. As my tests show, Infuse has stored the german title but just don’'t display them.

I don’t know the logic to the API and why it show each language based on the availability of complete translations so I’m not sure it’s a bug or if it’s a limitation of the API. Either way, adding the missing plot solves the problem so if I can help, let me know.

Maybe @james will be able to chime in on why it’s acting this way.