Problems with username/password combination?

 Just installed the 4.2 update to get I can log into my account (I get my most recent stations tags list, etc.), but when I go to actually play a station, I get 


"An error occurred."

"Your username and password combination isn't right. Please try again."


Obviously, the combination worked once, since I pulled up my most recent stations tags list. I also can access on-line with the same account.

Any ideas? Is there some sort of password size limit or something internal to the aTV client?




I have the same result with my account.  Same question.

mine as well... logged out and back in again.. same problem!

 Same problem here as well

 Same problem.  I can log in fine but then I get that error message.  Any fix for this?  Last Pass is currently not working.  

It seems this error is coming up if you don't have a current subscription (apologies for the confusing message).  A subscription is currently required to stream radio stations on the AppleTV.


It seems this error is coming up if you don't have a current subscription (apologies for the confusing message).  A subscription is currently required to stream radio stations on the AppleTV.



Oh well then 3.00 a month or 36. for a year. Nice if you haven't enough music on your device I guess. Also,  FStream on the ipod and stream.

 Sorry are you saying I have to pay for this ! free online - free on iPhone  Hmmm tough choice.

 But, but, but - I'm in the UK.  Basic is free in the UK.  It all works fine on my iMac.  You're not telling us that the deal you made with is that if we use the FireCore AppleTV hack we'll all have to pay for it are you?  Say your not telling us this.  Please.

Humph.  How do I kill it?

Currently only 'ad-free' radio is available on the AppleTV for which requires you to have a paid subscription.  If you send me a PM I can give you a 30 day voucher so you can give it a try.

Thanks but no thanks.. I don't need anymore "mailbox money" subscriptions when it's free everywhere else.

 This is absolute garbage. You can use for free on any other device in the uk, but it don't work on the Apple TV.

You didn't mention any of this in your fanfare when you were telling us about it.

What a waste of time. Crap PR on your part firecore.

I still can't believe I can't even use the spotify client on my ATV yet. That can't be difficuly to implement. Obviously the UK aren't important enough.



Thanks a lot for the offer - but no thanks.  This just rubs me the wrong way and makes me feel that thinks the AppleTV community is either foolish or naive.  As I said - no thanks.


Seriously?  And I thought it was a bug in inmplementing 


Why would Firecore negotiate a deal to just get on the main menu and requires a subscription just to announce a new feature? works fine for free with Boxee, which is already running on AppleTV.  I am using Tunnelblick to stream Boxee/ content to Thailand and everything is working fine already.  What was the point?






I'm very disappointed with this. I bought aTV yesterday evening purely because your PR said I could use  I'm UK based, so don't have to pay to use that service, but now find that in order to use it on your product, I have to pay extra. aTV is therefore a wasted purchase for me. If I could get a refund, I would. Very annoyed indeed.

 Okay, so the original failure message was "as designed" then.

Since the purpose of a basic, ad-supported subscription is usually to get folks interested in the service, not making this available on the AppleTV is IMO a bad marketing decision on the part of (whom I suspect thought that anyone buying anything by Apple would be wealthy and/or stupid enough to cough up the money without question).

I'll give Fire Core the benefit of the doubt that they weren't trying to intentionally hide this in their announcement. However, at least to me it wasn't obvious from the announcement that the "subscription" that is required is different from what you get when you are forced to create a account. (Maybe I am just stupid then, however it's usually a really bad business decision to ever make your customers feel stupid.)

Oh well, one more feature that I won't be using. I hope that this isn't setting a precedent: I'd hate to see aTVFlash turn into nothing but a conduit for other companies' paid services.



 The way this was advertised is really really bad

It should have been very clear that this wouldn't work without a subscription but there was no mention.


very poor show

 There is an update... It works now!

I was starting to like then it told me I needed a subsciption.  So I visited the website and they want $36!  I never would have tried it if I knew I had to pay.  Thanks for nothing. sucks.