Problems with Infuse 5.9 and Chromecast and maybe Google Drive

Hi all,

I currently rely on my Google Drive, as my Synology is sent back to the vendor for maintenance. With the former
version all worked great. Well, it initially takes some time (sometimes a bit annoying) to load the content in the
drive, but when it loaded, I could cast and watch movies or shows and it also started the next episode. I also
could switch between different Chromecast sticks without a problem.

Now, with the current version, casting sometimes doesn’t even start. It only shows a loading SpinningIndicator,
the whole GUI freezes and I have to terminate the app and start all over again. When it starts the show and casts
it, it won’t work with the following episode, again, the SpinningIndicator and the GUI freezes. I can’t even change
the stick to cast to, as the selection doesn’t work.

Is anyone experiencing similar problems?

Thank you!


Yep… as fast as 5.8.6 version fixed the chromecast problem where the cast was gone my chromecast issues returned right after version 5.9
I’m seeing the same issues you are and also random freezes from my chromecast…

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Thanks for your feedback, steelkeys!! “Glad” to hear, that I’m not the only one :slight_smile:
Hopefully they get an update out very soon!

Fingers crossed… checked again this morning… still random disconnect and unable to cast…:slight_smile:
From the Apple TV everything works as supposed

Update to 5.9.1 came to iOS this morning, but Chromecast is still broken, for me :frowning:

If this happens again, sending in a report from your device may help up see what exactly is going on in this particular case.

Hi James,

well, it happens all the time. And when it happens, the app completely freezes and I have to kill it.
Can I send the reports afterwards? Will the app record/recognize, what happened?

What happens seems all to be Chromecast related. With 5.8.x I could use the app, watch Movies,
Shows, change rooms (and therefore change Chromecast sticks), send it to background and bring
it back, go to bed in the evening casting to the stick in the bedroom, stopping the cast, waking up
in the morning and resume playback on the stick in the living room, and it all work very good!

Now, with 5.9.x, when I resume playback, or select another show, or movie, it freezes and I have to
kill it. If I try to switch sticks to cast to, it freezes. When I haven’t used the app for some hours, I better
kill it first, to start fresh.


Yes, the logs should still be there when re-opening the app.

I can also report that I am having similar playback issues, whereby it is impossible to watch a movie using Chromecast.
I have submitted a diagnostics report too.

I can also report that this problem also occurs when streaming direct from a nas drive on home network.
I do hope that the Team can get fix this problem.