Problems with finding TV series regarding the Metadata

Hi there !

I have 3 TV series about Sherlock Holmes.

  • The memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
  • The return of Sherlock Holmes
  • The casebook of Sherlock Holmes

that I can´t find the metadata for.

I have found it for The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

Does anyone have an idea?

In IMDb I have found them all.

Regards Jesper

On they have all been rolled into the single TV series ‘Sherlock Holmes (1984)’

Since the original series was around 1954 and the series you’re looking for started in 1984 you’ll have to modify the file names by adding the 1984 after the show name like “Sherlock.Holmes.1984.S01E01.MKV”

As remotevisitor said, on thetvdb their all together under Sherlock Holmes (1984) so you can go there and verify the episode names and numbers if their different that what you have as file names.

I thank you both for your help. I see, I have to do some extra work but that is okay :wink:

Oh by the way - is better to look for metadata than

Currently Infuse uses for the Metadata for TV shows and for Movies.

So you need to name the TV shows and Movies to match these sires if you want Infuse to automatically fetch the Metadata.

How do you match tv shows if they don’t automatically fetch the metadata? I cant figure this out

Well I have just made a lot of subfiles, where I entered each episode into or sometimes I just named them Episode01, 02, 03… and then finally found a JPG picture of the show and placed it together with the episodes.

But the way with Sherlock.Holmes.1984.S01.E01 - that works for me with both pictures and the plot for each episode!

You need to be a bit more specific, are all of your shows not finding metadata or only a few? How are the files of the ones that aren’t working named? Are you using DLNA by chance or smb or FTP?

Glad you’re on the right track! A side note, you can save yourself a little typing and skip the period between the “S01” and the “E01”. Infuse handles the “S01E01” group just fine. Sometimes extra dots or periods can cause a real hard to find problem with some names.

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