Problems with Dolby Digital


I purchased Infuse Pro for one purpose and one alone! To get Dolby Digital mobile ... but it just isn't working.

The films I have are all encoded for my Apple TV - so they have the H264 video track, an AAC 2 channel track and the original 5.1 AC3 audio track. Now obviously I can sync these fine to my iPad form iTunes, but wouldn't it be great, I thought to myself, if I could find an app that decoded the AC3 track and turned it into Dolby Headphone - so surround sound on a normal pair of headphones. That's when I found Infuse - but let me list the problems.

If I sync the video from iTunes to my iPad I can AirPlay the video from the iPad's default "Videos" app, and I get my AC3 fine, but playing normally only plays the 2 channel AAC track. If I use Infuse (with Infuse using the iTunes library on the iPad) it seems only the AAC track is passed to Infuse (the AC3 track is missing or Infuse can't see it). This, I am guessing, is a limit of the Apple media library sharing framework. So then I thought that I would just add the file to Infuse (i.e. not synced through iTunes to the iPad). When I did this I was able to see and select both the AAC track and the AC3 track. However when I selected the AC3 track it played, but the surround channels were not being encoded into the faked 'surround' sound of Dolby Digital mobile. The Right Surround channel just came out of the Right headphone and the same with the left.

Infuse doesn't seem to be doing any of the Dolby Digital Mobile clever stuff at all!

What gives?!


Hi Tony, thanks for your detailed post.

Would you mind sharing which model of headphones you are using?