Problems with connect Apple TV to Macbook

Hi, since i tried everything i know, i need help from you.

Im using Macbook Pro (with actual OS) and sharing to Infuse (Pro) on Apple TV. Everything works good, im very happy with this app, but infuse has often problems to connect to my laptop and im stuck on roatting loading wheel.

One year ago i found temporary solution: turning file sharing off on macbook, restart macbook, then turning file sharing back on worked. But as you can imagine, it’s annoying to do it all the time.

Disclaier: im using VPN (and im suspicious that this can cause problems), but not same time as im using Infuse. Im using it only very little when i need to do some thing in my home country.

Btw: SMB is enables, username and password are right, smbd “full disk access” is enabled

I dont know how to fix it or how to google for answers. thank you veeeeery much :slight_smile: