problems with atvflash 4.1.5

ATv flash 4.1.5 installed correct. AppleTv using firmware 3.0.2. After installing the ATvflash 4.1.5 system is running correct, also after running the smart installer and restart the apple TV. Problem starts when i want switch zu external hard disk. System starts copy file to the harddisk, then stops and error message running over the screen. (i tried it serveral times )external harddisk formated in FAT32 also in MAC OS. Always the same problem. I used this Harddisk before (using atvflash 4.0.6 and appleTv firmware 3.0.1. At this time ervything was running perfect. Please can somebody help me to solve this problem. Can i downgrade to the former satus ? regards werner

I would like to downgrade as well. Is there a way to access the previous file to download again? I’m almost at a week with it not working…getting tired of trying to learn computer programming terminology. Old version was working well enough for me. Can you send the file to my account please. I may have a copy of an update from earlier this year (Maybe march)? Would I be able to try that or will it recognize that it was already used once (its the download that went to my PC from the site before installing to my usb).


What type of external drive are you using?

If you’re having trouble setting up the current version PM me and I will try and walk you through it.