Problems with Apple TV 2.2 Update

So I juts purchased my Apple TV which came preinstalled with the 2.0.2 release. I ran an update from Apple which installed a brand new 2.2 release. I thought 2.1 was the highest so far.

Anyway I tried to run the ATVFLASH from my USB drive. Everything appeared to run fine. It gave me RC0 and told me to reboot. During Reboot i get to the point where i see the Apple Startup movie thing and then the machine stops and keep on showing me the Big Apple Icon. I can only get around this by reinstalling the factory level.

I need help here. Is there a more current AtvFlash update available with support for Apple TV 2.2 firmware? If so how do i get it. :oops:


I have the same problems as described above.
I´ve got a 1.0 ATV which I have updated with the latest firmware (this is 2.2), have followed the installation instructions (I have ATVFlash since yesterday). And now my ATV hangs in a kind of loop… :frowning: :frowning:

Please admins, help us!

Greetings from Germany

have the same problem ! Thought it would restore to 2.1, but now its 2.2 already ?!

So we’ll just have to wait until an upgrade of ATAVFlash (3.3.2 ??? )

I just got my Apple TV today, upgraded to latest software as according to the ATV flash manual, installed ATV flash from USB drive. As others have mentioned here mine now hangs as well on the Apple logo. How can I downgrade the Apple TV Software? Cause now I have a useless Apple TV only 20 minutes old :frowning:


One more to the chain, same issue, I have a nice white brick. Web is down now, I guess we’ll need to wait for them to release the fix.

On the Apple TV remote, press and hold the - and menu buttons at the same time for about 8 seconds. The Apple TV will reboot into some sort of safe mode and a menu will appear asking to restart or restore. Restore will get everything back to factory new state.


An announcement has just been posted.

Take a look at: