Problems with "Add Files" -> "Via Browser"

When I add files to Infuse using “Via Browser”, it is successful for about 80% of the files. There are several problems that occur, for what seem to be random files…

  1. The file appears to upload, progress bar goes to completion, no errors, etc. But when searching for the file, it’s obviously not there.
  2. The file uploads and appears in the UI, but fails to play back. There is a message “An error occurred loading this content”
  3. The file uploads and plays, but at some point there is a corruption which breaks playback. The player skips forwards a couple of minutes at a time till the end of the video

In each of these cases, I can reproduce the problem by playing the video again. I can resolve the problem by adding the same unchanged video again.

Are these problems known to the developer - they have been present since Infuse 4.x.


Infuse Pro 5.0.2 and older versions
iPad Pro 9.7
iOS 10.1

Well it’s great to see the level of support my subscription buys.

No response to your support ticket?

Is this happening with all videos, or just a few?

Does updating to Infuse 5.1 help at all?

I checked. It’s 5.1 now, and was automatically updated sometime before 27 Dec

  1. The ‘adding’ issue is still there, although it is intermittent as I mentioned. Over the weekend I tried adding some videos and one persistently failed to add via the browser (it failed about 4 times). I later tried via ftp and it worked first time.

2 & 3. Not sure about this - I would need to play back the videos first, and I have a bit of a backlog. These issues seem to happen about 5-10% of the time, so I’ll need a little time to confirm.

Hmm, ok.

One thing that would be helpful to do the next time this issue comes up is to use the ‘Email Us’ option in the sidebar. This will send some diagnostic logs to us, and open a support ticket which may help track down what’s going on.