Problems with 5.0.2 when restoring in Itunes

Hi was after a little advice please

i have just got a Apple TV2 with 5.0.2 firmware on it

i have saved the firmwasre signatures using seas0n pass and then created a ispw on the 5.0.2

it is created ok . and then it tells me to put it into DFU mode and open itunes which i do

i then point it to the new firmware that has been created …

itunes then extracts it and then come with an error 1601 and will not go any further


am a flogging a dead horse and have to use 5.3 or is there a way of keeping it at 5.0.2 for the untethered jailbreak.


any advise would be great.



What size in KB are the blobs you created?  If they are 7.2KB ish you’re OK, but if they are less than 2KB you have some useless blobs and you’ll not be able torestore using an IPSW created using them.

The problem with using Seas0npass to do this job is that if it fails you may be stuffed with a box that won;t start and no method of jailbreaking it.

Always dump your blobs in iFaith, save to Cydia, download the newly created blob from Cydia as well as the one dumped, build a stock IPSW in iFaith. THEN use Seas0npass to download an IPSW and patch it but not with the blob stitching Seasonpass…  If it doesn’t work you still have the option to reflash it with the stock IPSW, create a Sn0wbreeze patched IPSW or use the blobs to create your own custom patched IPSW using TotalCommander.