problems to switch from theatered to untheatered

Hello guys,


I have apple tv2 that is jailbroken theatered. I would like to have it unteathered… I am not to sure what steps to take in order to achieve this! I tried downloading the latest release of Seasonpass but when I open it it only gives me the teathered version…


I am stumped! Can someone point me in the right direction please?





You have the right version of Season pass. Plug ATV2 in and click create ISPW this will untether your device.

Worked great!  Thanks!

Glad it helped.

Hi, sorry to jump on this thread but i am also on a tethered jailbreak, i do not have atv flash black 2.4 so do not have the untether option there. I know i can do a create ispw jailbreak with the new software but will i lose all my tweaks and repos ive downloaded after rejailbreaking using seasonpass? thanks in advance