Problems Reinstalling aTV on my 1st Gen AppleTV after software update

After having happily used my 1st gen AppleTV with aTV flash for a couple of years, I decided to update the AppleTV software to the latest (ver 3.0.2) to take advantage of the latest additions like airplay, etc (I had stopped updating at version 2!!!).

For that, I downloaded the latest update of aTV flash from my account and created a boot USB following the instructions (I used an 8GB Kingston USB which I erased clean on my iMac, formatting it as MacOS extended journaled).

Following the installation process, when I power up my AppleTV, it seems that the USB stick is ignored and AppleTV boots up its own software happily ignoring the aTV flash stick.

Any ideas???

Same thing has happend to me nd now my PC doesn’t recognise my USB flash stick.



“If you’re already running aTV Flash on your AppleTV you can update through the Maintenance --> Manage Plugins menu.”

That’s all I did and everything appears to have gone smoothly.