Problems Indexing a TV show

Hi there,

Wonder if anyone can provide any help. All my shows have been indexed bar one. I use Filebot to rename the files.

The show is Oban Star-Racers and here’s the link.

My Nas is set up as follows :

Oban Star-Racers
Season 1
S01E26 - The Moment Of Truth.avi
S01E25 - Unlikely Alliances.avi
S01E22 - Revelations.avi
S01E19 - The Origin of the World.avi
S01E01 - A Fresh Start.avi
S01E06 - Playful Like Para-dice.avi
S01E12 - The Will to Win.avi
S01E07 - Treacherous Like Toros.avi
S01E14 - Welcome to Oban.avi
S01E17 - Optimised Like Ondai.avi
S01E08 - Agile Like Aikka.avi
S01E04 - In Like Flint.avi
S01E24 - Canaletto’s Revenge.avi
S01E21 - Ominous Like O.avi
S01E10 - Resistant Like Rush.avi
S01E20 - Secret Like Sul.avi
S01E23 - Cruel like Kross.avi
S01E15 - Fierce Like Lord Furter.avi
S01E05 - Cruel Like Ceres.avi
S01E18 - Monstrous Like Muir.avi
S01E16 - Nervous Like Ning & Skun.avi
S01E13 - Make Way!.avi
S01E02 - Hostilities Break Out.avi
S01E03 - Grave Like Grooor.avi
S01E11 - Silent Like Spirit.avi
S01E09 - Surprising Like Super-Racer.avi

Any suggestions, the show previously indexed fine via Kodi