Problems in Web Browser

OK I am having problems with the safari browser, when I went to your Bookmark the front page loaded fine but when I tried to access the links it didn’t work, I tried to access the link to this forum the arrow changed the colour of the link but nothing happened. :?

I have been to web sites and none will play any media content such as a mpeg file within the browser. like a trailer or such, all i get is the spinning wheel of death and I have to continually reboot the system using the Front Row control. Is there a way to play movies within sites like trailers?? :o

I went to a Google site on greeting cards and the movie codec made the thing crash and freeze up again having to reboot? :frowning:

But good news is that the unit will now play mpeg movies I download into my computer file :smiley:

My suggestion is to consider CouchSurfer a browser to be used for only “light” browsing. Meaning, don’t go to media-rich websites that will most certainly cause it to crash.

The OS on AppleTV is Mac OS based - and extremely trimmed down. In its current state the AppleTV, with or without the ATV flash, aren’t capable of producing a web experience that you would normally have when using a computer.

I think it’s also important to note the author/compiler of ATV flash isn’t necessarily the author of the features that are included within the ATV flash. I would imagine he’s working with those open source developers as they benefit each other mutually.


Take a look at our tutorial for enabling Flash media here: