Problems in my WD or Infuse?

Hello Friends, I wanted to comment on a problem that has been happening to me for a while. I have a Western Digital hard drive, connected to an iMac shared on a network for an Apple Tv to read and to be able to play my movies on Infuse. What happens is that the files disappear from the hard disk, I have reviewed the configuration and everything indicates that it is fine, but it occurred to me to try connecting the hard disk to another computer, I left it for 3 days without turning off and the files never disappeared, either It is the hard disk, I have been changed on 2 occasions by the people of Wester Digital (excellent after sales). Do you guys have any idea what might be happening? The hard drive is an 8D WD MY Book. Thank you. Victor

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I’ve had a similar experience. How often do you restart your iMac? What year iMac and what OS?

Thanks for the welcome.
There are days that I must restart up to 5 times, however other days none, it is very strange.
I have a 2015 imac and Mojave.

Are you by any chance using a USB hub?

No, direct to the imac.

The next time it shows no files do a finder force quit and see if it comes back when the finder restarts.

thanks you, i will try when it happens to me, today i was lucky.

And just to make sure we’re talking apples to apples, when you say the files disappeared you meant both in Infuse as well as in the finder of the iMac correct? In the Mac finder it showed an empty window?

Exactly, they disappear from the hard disk, the hard disk on the desktop but without any file, it forces me to restart the imac and there they reappear …

Well I’m 99.95% sure it’s not an Infuse issue. I started having problems like this after an OS X update and I hate to tell you but the problem went away after I had to replace the iMac do to a squabble it had with a lightning surge. The Drive worked on another computer after that so I’d look at least in changing to a different USB port or possibly a new USB cable on the drive.

Have you ever gotten the grey scale screen when waking your mac and then got a slow progress bar at the bottom until it snaps into the normal color screen?

You also may want to zap the pram and do a power management/SMC reset. Those two items will cure a wealth of strangeness.

That sounds really strange. Do you have another drive that you could compare and check ? And could you reformat the drive to hfs plus? Of course you would need to be able to safe the content first.
Also, you should try the help function in the drive utility.
You can also eject the drive there, and then reactivate it, and see what’s happening. That could at least avoid the restart of the iMac.

Reformatting isn’t the answer on this one. It comes back when you restart the Mac and if you reformat you lose the content. I’ve been through this exact same thing before and I’m trying to follow step by step what I went through with Apple support and another tech to remedy the problem.

That means, the step by step thing did not help, and you got it solved only with a new mac?
And, if I may say, I have very well marked, that you need to copy the content, if you format the disc.

If you’d read my posts, you’ll note where I stated that the drive did work on another computer without issue. No reformatting necessary. Also there was an additional question I asked that the OP hasn’t answered and also two more steps that are non destructive and recommended by multiple sources before you begin reformatting.

The issue was resolved but I only had a matter of a few days before the Mac needed to be replaced so I’m not 100% certain that the steps taken fixed it or was it a iMac/OS issue. It did not in either case seem to be an Infuse caused issue since Infuse worked without this problem popping back up after the new computer.

Nc, I read your post, and it Said, that you only solved the problem with a new iMac, if I understand it Correctly.
I am German. Maybe I can not understand English all the time.

Nc, as it Looks, Looking to several posts, we have different experiences, views and different way of thinking.
May I therefore with all politeness suggest, as a gentleman’s agreement, that you don’t comment my posts and I don’t comment yours.

Here’s where I stated the drive worked.

From this post

Hello friends, first of all I want to thank you for your concern about my problem and look for a solution.
Clarify a few points.
1.- I just did the SMC reset, we will see how it goes.
2.- Unfortunately I have no place to host the information on the hard drive.
3.- The apple disk utility does not throw any error in the hard disk. Neither does the WD Drive Utilities.
4.- I tested the hard disk with a macbook on the desktop, without using an infuse (nor with a shared folder) and the files never disappeared, I left it on for 3 days in a row.
A friend told me that it was an Apple Protocol problem, he is looking for the information from where he read it.
I was thinking of buying an Aiport Extreme and connecting the hard drive and leaving it on the network, maybe with that I would avoid this annoyance.
Thanks again.

Just a personal preference but since the Airport product line is discontinued I’d suggest you look at a reputable NAS such as a Synology. Many of them allow for an external drive connection as well as space for multiple internals. It may be a bit more expensive but they are usually found to be worth it. Future proofing is a good way to go. :wink:

I had thought about it, but it exceeds my budget momentarily (covid 19), but a friend recommended me to buy a HIKVISON H90, it occupies it with an apple tv and infuse, it supports even 4K files, and at a very convenient price. You can look it up on AliExpress.