Problems going back to regular APPLE TV operating system ..


I recently bought ATV flash after updating my Apple TV to 3.0.1.

My old man (who i bought this for) … is less than impressed … says its too slow . didn’t get the content he wanted on
Boxee … blah blah … whatever … typical old man.

So he does a factory reset when I wasn’t home (this is after ATV was installed) but it isn’t really doing a factory reset on the machine …
It says the appletv is up to date when really it wouldn’t be??? Also he cannot access Youtube now as “No Content Found” … we are connected to
our network so everything is good on that end.

Is there a way to go back to the way the AppleTV was? nothing is working … this mod is causing me lots of headaches.

Thank you to anyone that can help!

your old man is right. the atv flash hack slows down the machine considerably.

you should go and do the factory reset yourself. unless you can do the tech support from distance. parents are always tech support intensive. after the factory reset you need to setup the network again. everything is reseted.