Problems Connecting to my NAS

hey guys,

I am having some problems connecting to my NAS,


I have gone through all the steps on Streaming From a Mac/PC or NAS when i do this i get an error saying it couldnt log in view AFP


i am using a Segate FreeAgent GoFlex 2tb NAS and i have no problems connecting with my computer, i have even made a seperate log in for the apple tv so it doesnt conflict with the computer


i also tried connecting via SMB but when i do this only the stadard personal/public folders come up and it wont show the contents


PLEASE HELP! thanks in advance


I am not familiar with your hardware, but could it be that the AppleTV user you set up on the NAS simply has no access rights to the folders you want to share? Try to adjust the folder access rights on the NAS so that the AppleTV user is allowed to read them and their contents (if that is possible with your NAS).

the username has admin rights but i see what you mean maybe i need to actually set the permissions from the folder side, good idea! thanks so much! i will try this