Problems Conect Apple TV

Good night, I’m having trouble connecting infuse to QNAP.
I’ve already checked the ip and it’s not blocked, I can’t connect by SMB, I can only do it by UPnP, but I only have access to a folder that is shared on the nas.
in the past I had access to all the information that was in the nas, the strange thing is that queanod I call by mobile I have access to everything, by apple tv only to a folder.
With Apple

with iphone

What do the access logs say on your NAS?

where can i find this information

Google (or DuckDuckGo) is your friend :wink:

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I put this to options but is the same.

When you connect there should be entries in the access log.

Are you able to connect to this device via SMB using a Mac or PC?

In at least of your pictures it looks like you are trying to connect using a fixed IP address. IP addresses can change from time to time, so you may want to ensure the IP is still correct. Setting the NAS to use a static IP, or using the NAS’s local DNS name will usually be your best option.

If you’re still seeing issues, submitting a report and posting the code here can help us get more info on the issue.

Hey James, experiencing exactly the same issue - please help. Here: Shares not connecting anymore

You may want to read through this thread and consider changing tto a static IP instead of the network name. Others are finding this to solve the issue.

Is your iMac using both ethernet & wifi? If so, set the iMac to a static ip then recreate the Infuse share and use the static ip for the address instead of using the local network name.