Problems after updating to 2.4 and 3.6.2


last night i updated my atv to 2.4 and made a new patchstick with 3.6.2 but i can’t get it to boot, it starts up as normal without flashing the atv.

i have tryed with different usbkey 512mb-4gb but no luck.

is there any solution or do i have to wait until the 3.6.3??

best regards

Are you using the Mac version, if so try this:

With the flash drive unplugged from the computer select ‘Go To Folder’ from the Finder’s ‘Go’ menu. Enter /Volumes in the popup window. If you see a folder called patchstick-root, delete it. Plug the flash drive in and rerun the aTV Flash application.

When i plug the usb key then i get a “OSboot” and “patchstick-root” but only if the device is plugged in, and i can’t delete it. it comes with a warning

Follow aTVFlash’s suggestion without the USB key inserted. Is there a patchstick-root folder in the /Volumes folder when you do not have the USB key in the USB port.

No, then theres nothing.

Okay. If you open up Disk Utility which you can find in /Applications/Utilities/ and do you see two partitions under your USB Flash Drive? If so, highlight the USB Flash Drive and go to Erase and let Disk Utility get rid of the two partitions and set up just one partition. Once you do that re-run aTVFlash and see if it works. If not let me know and we can go deeper.

Hi, i tryed that serverel times, but with no luck… I’m going to buy som new usb key, and then i hope it will work.

Jubii… a new usb stick and i worked perfect… :smiley: