problems after jb atv 2

hi all successfully jailbreaked atv 2 with season pass 5.02 untehtered but after ive installed the atv when i go to maintance i can install xbmc but when i try to install any other app ie nito tv or even remote etc the apple tv boots and wont load up again its just a blank screen the light on the atv 2 flashes but will not come back on help ive done over a few of these atv 2  with same flash and had no problems but no i have problems help

same here

same here!!! what up with that? it looks like they updated atv flash and now it doesn’t work

I was only able to load up Xbmc and all it’s goodness. Rest shit just looped the apple tv

Please note that NitoTV is a 3rd party application that can be installed through aTV Flash. aTV Flash versioning has nothing to do with any of the 3rd party applications. The only ones developed by fireCore are CouchSurfer, Media Player and I believe

Any update on how to solve this problem?