Problems adding TVShows. Movies worked perfect

I am struggling with adding my TVShows.

My movies work perfect, they all show up under Movies.
But none of my tvshows show up correctly, they all end up in OTHER.
I tried everything, even create new .nfo for all shows and episode, using tinymediamanager. That didnt work.
I also made new .nfo by hand, that didn’t work also.

I don’t understand why infuse refuses to do what it is supposed to do.

Now, i deleted all my shares, and used the PLEX connection option. That works very well and all my TVShows show correctly.

One thing i am worried about is the transcoding. Plex always transcodes my files when playing them. One reason to go over to infuse is that i dont want any player to convert my videos. (i understand that plex is transcoding because i always use subtitles)

So my question is, will my video files also be transcoded when playing with subtitles by infuse or plex?


PS. When using kodi on my imac, everything is fine. All tvshows and movies show up perfect.

Can you provide a few examples of how these shows are named?

A list of the supported naming formats can be found here.

Thank for your reply.

I already found the problem after a lot of hours searching :frowning:

I found a directory hidden in each folder called .@_THUMB.
These dirs hold small copies of all files but with different files names, but with the extensions: like i.e. .mkv

I think inFUSE got conFUSEd with these dirs.

Strange think tho is, these dirs are hidden. In Kodi there is no problem with such dirs so inFUSE must some how read these dirs.

After deleting these everything works fine.

All i am stuck with now is: i have one file in the dir OTHER and i can not find which file it is.
It is called: VTS_02_0 Extension is not shows in infuse but i think it is .VOB.

It is a file somewhere from a VIDEO_TS directory.

Is there some way that infuse shows me the location of that file?

PS. I tried to play the file but infuse doesnt. it is only 0 seconds long :slight_smile:

Oh and James, can you also explain me about my Plex question and transcoding files?