Problem with x265 playback

i have this prob too. is it because they are hevc in an mp4 container instead of mkv?

I face the same problem while using infuse 6 pro plays with the x265 files, but it looks like these files work fine in Infuse 4 pro without any issue


Thanks. I did the same test as I had an old Infuse 4 Pro on my iPad and you are absolutely right. Works with Pro 4, stutter with Pro 6. I did try to airplay from Infuse 4 Pro on iPad to AppleTV, and it was stuttering on the TV (but not on the iPad if I don’ t airplay from it)

Hmm, I also try to play the same video in other players, for example nplayer, I am experienced the same issue. But nplayer provides the option to use the video decoder. this kind of the stutter issue reproducible in nplayer with HW decoder, but with SW decoder, it works pretty smoothly.
IMO, airplay will invoke the remote default video player. I have Android TV box, but while I try to cast the x265 through airplay from Infuse(4 and 6) which complaints “Not available for this video type”. From nplayer, the airplay looks perfect on my TV even on HW decoder. So I believe in airplay mode, only the remote video player matters.

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Been having the exact same problem on those X265 files in mp4 format (RARBG videos).
Running infuse 5 pro on an apple tv 4K connected to a synology NAS by wifi.
x264 videos play like a charm
x265 videos stutter (video bounces back and forth) but the audio plays fine. It’s not a network issue as VLC plays them flawlessly.
I even tried an infuse 6 pro month membership but the result was the same (exact same stutter).

If the problem does not happen on infuse 4, I assume it’s a glitch that could be fixed rather quickly (speaking candidly here)… when can we expect a fix on this?
Thank you for your help!

Looks like the fix is on the radar for version 6.3.5 Upcoming Features (updated 5/12/20)

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I think infuse 4 just uses software decoding instead of the built in hardware decode.

Thanks for the response. So can we expect a fix on infuse5 pro or it means il will have to switch the infuse 6 pro (would be a shame) :-/
Thank you!

I seriously doubt there will be any further updates for V5 since V6 is out and being developed with new development code. So much is changing with all the supporting data sources too so going to a V6 subscription would keep you current even if V7 comes out as long as you keep your subscription current.

Just to confirm.x265 flickering,from the source indicated.More than five movies tested.
Infuse 4 are ok.

I’ve been looking into this issue and working hard on it for about a week now, and I’ve made a breakthrough!!!

I appreciate that there may be a fix coming in Infuse directly, but if you are impatient and want to get cracking, then the below might be for you.

I see on the internet folk have suggested that it’s because RARBG have compiled their MP4’s using the hev1 video tag and that Apple devices require the hvc1 video tag for playback to work. But even when doing a new compile and changing the tag, it still does not work. The MP4’s do seem to play okay on the first run, but any searching would cause it to start stuttering. Others have suggested it may be the timestamps, and I’m a little more inclined to believe that to be the cause as incorrect pts and dts can instruct the file to present a frame to the player before it’s been decoded - hence the fast jumping back and forth of images during playback.

This process, which I appreciate takes some minor initial setup, will make any of these new RARBG X265 MP4 files play perfectly. I have tested on a few of them and they all show no issues once this has been done.

What I had success with is to extract the HEVC and AAC files using MP4BOX. Then recompile the files using MP4BOX. The new file works, but it still presented some minor issue when searching in playback. So the final step is to use the newly compiled file and recompile it once more using FFMPEG. This sounds lengthy, but it’s honesty no more than a minute or two to fully complete (per file), and made much easier if you create a batch file, which I have now done.

The end file plays exactly as expected with no jerking/stuttering or searching issues.

If anybody wants to know the actual MP4BOX and FFMPEG commands required to carry this out then let me know and I’ll post the file in a dropbox or something.

  1. Download the latest FFMPEG
  2. Download the latest MP4BOX
  3. Using MP4BOX, run the command to extract the HEVC and the AAC tracks.
  4. Using MP4BOX, compile the HEVC and AAC file into a new MP4.
  5. Using FFMPEG, recompile the new MP4 one more time.
  6. New MP4 is now fixed.

I figure that if people are going to the length to get RARBG X265 files, and because that group is pumping these out thick and fast, then this process is hardly a headache for you to carry out.

Let me know if you get the same success that I have.


Quick update

We have a fix for this in progress, and we plan to make it available as part of 6.3.5 which we hope to submit to Apple later this week.

Thanks for your patience.

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6.3.5 which includes a fix for this issue has been submitted to Apple and should be available within the next few days.

Thanks for your patience.

Ok, Thanks for the update!

Great news. Thanks for being an awesome and responsive development team!

Good news!

Apple… always making things difficult!

I am using yatesfox suggestion with success. Using this fix on Apple TV 4k - Infuse Pro 5.9.6 (2484)

6.3.5 (with this fix) is now rolling out on the App Store.

Enjoy! :smiley:

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Trouble fix.