Problem with TMDB metadata for Daily Bugle

Something odd is going on. I just added “Daily Bugle”. TMDB has it organized in a different way than TVDB. Infuse seems to be looking at the TVDB data. I named one webisode as the TMDB data showed, then another as the TVDB data showed. And it accepted the TVDB convention…

Can you give an example of how your naming the files and what it is you’re seeing that’s different?

The Daily Bugle S04E01 Spider-Man’s Web Of Lies.m2ts
The Daily Bugle S04E02 Spider Sycophant Revealed.m2ts
The Daily Bugle S04E06 The Spider-Menace Strikes Again .m2ts

Looking at TMDB where Infuse gathers it’s metadata it only shows 2 seasons of The Daily Bugle. I don’t know why you’re getting any results at all for this show with only two seasons using a “S04E0x” format.

It looks like there’s been only one user inputting data for this show so I’d recommend you join TMDB, read their contribution bible, then help get things in order.

It appears that IMDB has a fairly comprehensive list of seasons and episodes so I’d recommend you use that as a guide since TMDB recognizes the IMDB as a reliable source.

There’s not much on this series of 1 minute episodes so you’re going to have to dig a bit.

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If you name the episodes with season or episode numbers that do not exist on TMDB, they will still be grouped together under the same series but you would likely just see general series info and images instead of info that is specific to each episode.

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No, if the episode name ie S01E01 the file is ignored and placed in the “Other” category, not in the series folder that infuse creates. This is true of any TV series.

You don’t have a single series where the first episode of the first season is identified properly?

That’s just not possible. Infuse only works with TMDB.

Do you have “embedded metadata” turned on?

This is TVDB:
(Infuse doesn’t care)

This is TMDB:
(This is where you need to make sure your filenames match their series titles, season numbers, and episode numbers.)

These are getting picked up for me automatically.

Do you have a folder that may have gotten tagged to use local metadata? What happens when you try and edit metadata for one of these episodes?