Problem with the series Scandal

I have a concern with the series “Scandal”
I’m create a directory that is named “scandal”
I’m create a subdirectory that is named “Season 1”
Video files are indexed by Infuse

but when I’m in the interface of the Infuse application (AppleTV), the jacket does not appear.

I have no concern for the other series. Only this series problem.

I tried “Scandal”, “Scandal.2012”, "Scandal (2012), but the problem is still present

Sorry I do not speak English I used “google translate”


Try naming your subdirectory “Season 01” instead of “Season 1”.

Also, leave the name just “Scandal” not with the year added. Seems the year tends to cause problems with TV shows.

These changes have solved many of the metadata and artwork displaying problems for me.

Naming the season folder as ‘Season 1’ will work fine. Try this:

Main folder = ‘Scandal 2012’
Season folders = ‘Season 1’, ‘Season 2’ and so on
File names = 'scandal.(2012) (or .mkv)

That should work. I’ve had similar issues and this worked for me.

I’ve tried everything,
I’ve named the directory “scandal” only
I already put “Season 01” and not “Season 1”

But that does not change, I can not have the jacket for the directory
I have no problem for the other series. Only the latter :frowning:


If you name the directory only ‘Scandal’ then the tvdb will choose a Korean to show. Name the folder ‘Scandal 2012’.

Then name the season folder ‘Season 1’.

Then name the episodes ‘’.

Once done open the ‘Scandal 2012’ folder and wait for Infuse to scrape the data.

I have tested this and it works!