problem with tethered boot utility

Hi, i have done a tethered jailbrake on a friends aple tv2 on 5.3.

I have been round a couple times when crashed to boot up for him.

Instead of me keep going around to boot it, I downloaded seaosnpass on his machine at home and told him to click the tethered boot icon bla bla.

It gets stuck after he holds the buttons. It says found in DFU mode and then goes no further.

Is there a reason for this? Does it have to be the same computer that jailbroke the device?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Your friend CAN absolutely boot this up.  However, he will need to download the 5.3 IPSW in order to allow for a successful tether boot.  Using the “boot tether” icon without a downloaded IPSW will result in failure.  This does not require a new jailbreak on your friends computer.

This youTube video shows exactly how it’s done:

your a star. thanks alot