Problem with subtitles after recent update


I bought the Infuse Pro-app through App-Store in my Apple TV4 a couple of weeks ago. I was really happy with the app at it had everything I have been searching for to view our movies and tv-series from my Synology NAS.
But a couple of days ago the app updated to the latest Infuse (5.4) and now the problems started. First the app started behaving odd and we where randomly thrown out of the app and ended up in the Home-screen. The app hung a bunch of times to. Eventually I had to remove the app and install it again. I really hoped that it should solve the problem below too, but it didn’t. But atleast it solved the problem with us being thrown out of the app and that it hanged randomly.
The other big problem that occured is regarding subtitles. I have a lot of movies (.mkv-files) that have built in subtitles. I have never had any problem with these types of movies before, and many of the movies me and my family have watched them many many times. But after the update, the subtitles are huge! And when I say huge I mean 200-400px or something. They take up 20-25% of the bottom part of the TV when viewing the movies. And for some reason I can’t change the subtitle settings in the drag-down menu in the ATV. There are only 2 options for these movies, subtitle color and vertical setting…
In all movies (.mkv-files) with separate subtitles, there is whole bunch of settings to be able to change the subtitles to fit the need of the user.

So why is this happening after the update. Before the update everything was working normal and the subtitles had the right size and so on. So what is broken after the update.

Hope you can solve this asap, because the subtitle problem is crusial for me, as it affects half my movie collection (500+ movies).

Infuse 5.4 now includes support for styled subtitles, and it sounds like that is what is present in these particular videos.

We’re looking into a few cases where some subtitles can appear too large, and hope to have a fix available very soon.

Thank you James.
I really appreciate this. We love your app, but as you can understand with subtitles taking up 1/4-1/5th of the TV-screen it is really hard to focus on the movie.
Wouldn’t it be possible for you to allow the user to choose to use the subtitle styling/settings set by the file-creator or to use the default setting/styling from Infuse. It would be nice if the users could choose this, as subtitle styling sometimes can make the subtitles look rather ugly or to big/small. In our case though, I think Infuse is reading/interpreting something in the wrong way from the .mkv-files, as the subtitle is correctly styled/viewed even in our 2 generations of Western Digitial WDTV-mediaplayers.
So I hope you can get this fixed soon as everything else is working very well =).
Thanks for your hard work!

Best regards,
Mikael Gronholm

If we could ask one favor, if you have a chance would you be able to upload one of the problematic videos here?

We just want to make sure we’re covering your specific issue. Thanks!

The latest movie we watched is ~13 GB. I guess you don’t want me to upload the whole file? Can you guide me on how to make a sample without messing with the encoding?

You can use the free MKVtools app ( The edit option will allow you to snip out a minute or two and upload that.

FWIW, the upload link above doesn’t technically have a file size limit, so you could upload the whole thing if that would be easier.

Should I supply any support ticket to the upload?

I uploaded a sample that is 300 MB of the movie and referred to this thread as a comment.

Got it. Thanks!

We’ll take a look.

I can confirm that I experience this issue also with .mkv files with included subtitles.

We’re working to resolve a few cases of this for 5.4.1, but if you have a chance to send in a sample file that is exhibiting this issue it will ensure we have your particular case on our radar.

All fixed for 5.4.1 which should be out next week. :slight_smile: