Problem with subtitle position & PGS subtitle

I use Infuse Pro 5.5.5 with Apple TV 4K. I have problem with subtitle that place incorrect position.
The movie are MKV 1080p. There are 4 type of subtitle.

  • Vobsub_Normal
  • Vobsub_Low (Place in bottom of video)
  • PGS_Normal
  • PGS_Low (Place in bottom of video)

Subtitle language : Thai
I compare problem with Kodi for better understanding.

Infuse : Vobsub_Normal
It’s appear near the middle of screen

Kodi : Vobsub_Normal
It’s place correct position. Moreover the subtitle in Infuse are display in the incorrect aspect ratio (It’s flat)

Infuse : Vobsub_Low
Its appear above the letterbox

Kodi : Vobsub_Low
Its appear below the letterbox, which is correct position.

Infuse : PGS_Normal
Correct position, a bit lower than Kodi

Kodi : PGS_Normal

Infuse : PGS_Low
Too low, close to TV edge.

Kodi : PGS_Low
It’s the best position to watch.

Moreover, The app doesn’t hide subtitle that mark as “disable”, every subtitle are able to choose in playback.

When watching in MPC.

Watching with Infuse.

Is it anyway to fix this ?

I try to do more test. Seem like It may relate to something with movie & screen resolution
My ATV running in 4K and most movie are 1080p.

The problem are more appear when use PGS subtitle.

The Matrix (1080p) with PGS_Normal = Subtitle too large and not stay in the middle.

Jason Bourne (1080p) with PGS_Low = A bit lower but acceptable.

Jason Bourne (4K) with PGS_Low = Very small and stay in the middle left of screen.

These problem not occur when playing with Kodi.

James is aware of the issue and is looking into it: Incorrect subtitle position for 4K media

Thanks for info.
What about 1080p? I also have problem with that resolution as well.

5.6 is now available for iOS and Apple TV. :smiley:

Thank you for info. Here’s test result.

4K Movie

  • Both Vobsub & PGS display in the same position. If can adjust a bit lower it will gonna be perfect.

1080p Movie

  • Vobsub still display near the middle of screen
  • PGS also display in the same position as Vobsub (In version 5.5, PGS place in the good position but a bit too low)
  • Both Vobsub & PGS look flat (This not occur in 4K movie)

Looking forward for fix

Would you be able to send in a sample or two of the affected files we could review here?

I’ve uploaded 2 weeks ago, please check these file

Uploaded, Trim version of 4 movies that I show in the forum.

Filename :
Gravity [2013] - Trim.mkv
The Matrix Reloaded [2003] - Trim.mkv
Jason Bourne [2016] - Trim.mkv
Jason Bourne [2016] 4K - Trim.mkv

All movie default with “Vobsub_Low” and disable flag to hide 480, 720 & yellow subtitle.

Thanks. Must have missed that.

Will take a look.

A number of improvements have been added in today’s 5.6.2 update.

Give it a try and let us know how it goes.

Thank you, I will test and let you know the result soon.

Still not work as aspect. let me explain problem for you.
We have 2 problem with vobsub & pgs subtitle

  1. Position
  2. Aspect ratio

Position :
I have compared between 3 application, please check.

Subtitle should stay in the position like Kodi. Vobsub_Normal should stay in the bottom of video and Vobsub_Low should stay under movie (in the letterbox) which are correct position and not interfere when viewing but when use Vobsub_Normal via Infuse. It nearly middle of screen.

Aspect Ratio :
Please check the screenshot

I have extract Vobsub_Normal with vobsub resync and see what is correct size of subtitle. Infuse & MPC show incorrect aspect ratio because the height of subtitle look shorter. It hard to reading.

Just re-check. I thing last time my Infuse are not updated yet.
Now with 5.6.2 every subtitle are perfect. Correct subtitle position & aspect ratio.

Thank you to fix this problem. I love it !

Great to hear! :smiley:

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