Problem with storage space not freeing up after video deletion

Hello -

I am using the latest version of Infuse. I have been having an issue with storage space not freeing up after I delete videos.

Let’s say I have 20GB free space on my iPhone, and a 1GB video in Infuse. If I delete that video, I would expect my free space to increase to 21GB. However, that doesn’t happen. I delete the video, and I still have 20GB.

I have tested this three times, and the same thing happens every time.

Has anybody else experienced this and found a fix? I think this app is fantastic, but if I can’t find a fix for this I’m obviously going to have to stop using it.



Which area are you using to track available storage space? How were the videos added, and how were they deleted?

I’m using the main Settings > General > About to see available storage space.

Videos are added mostly through iTunes, but occasionally I add one via wifi through browser access.

Videos are deleted by pulling up on the screen and clicking delete.

I am face the same problem, so any conclusion for this issue.

I m using infuse pro 7.1(3799) on iPad Pro 2021. just saw in iPad setting-general-storage, infuse has occupied 40+ GB space. And I have checked all media files has been deleted and the meta data only occupied around 500MB.

Any method to fix this problem beside let me uninstall and reinstall.


iOS doesn’t immediately release storage space upon deletion. But I think you can force it by restarting.

Actually, I have tried by restarting the iPad. But unfortunately, nothing happened….

You can also check the ‘Recently Deleted’ section in the iOS Files app. Sometimes files get stuck here and will continue to take up space.

Just checked, the recently deleted item is empty.