Problem with some files (misidentified audio stream?)

I get a message saying “An error occurred while loading this content” while trying to play specific files. Those videos play fine in VLC which identifies the audio stream of those files as “A/52 B Audio (aka E-AC3) (eac3)”. Infuse on the other hand identifies the same audio stream from those video files as “Dolby Digital Plus”. The same problem occurs with latest version (6.1.4) of Infuse on either aTV4 or iPhone/iPad. Could be another problem since the error message is very generic. Please help!

By the way, keep up the great work with Infuse!

I think that eac3 and Dolby digital plus are two different names for the same thing (at least according to Wikipedia)

Are you using the free version or the pro version?

Forgot to mention that it’s the Pro version!

If this happens again, please send in a quick report from your device so we can look further into what may be going on here.

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