Problem with SMB & NAS

Incompatibilities or miscondiguration. Link aggregation should never be on unless there is a special need for it.

You’re running Merlin firmware instead of stock firmware so that might be the problem. Maybe extra configuration steps are needed?

I use link aggregation on my switch for the two nics on my NAS. I have to configure it on the switch as well as on the NAS for it to work.

I’m completely satisfied Merlin firmware, second one - SMB used to work at Merlin.

It’s not a SMB issue I’m just wondering if they added some sort of default config that turned on link aggregation. It’s good firmware however the added features can sometimes cause issues when people aren’t sure what they do.

Agreed with your point. Thats why I’ve wrote here to get solution. As I’ve tried all proposed actions with NAS/router and finally founded experimental solution. I’ve figured out the reason: Link aggregation was ON before but LA available only for port 1,2 at router. So probably that ATV was plugged to another port(not 1-2) so SMB used to work.Another device, which don’t need access to LAN was plugged to 1-2 port. So disable LA option all 8 ports work normally.

Good to know. For some unsolicited knowledge in the future if you’re NAS has two network adapters and you want combine them for 2Gbps of bandwidth set two ports as LA and then configure your synology as a link aggregate pair and plug them into the two LA ports.

Try check your firewall, I don’t know if you already have tried… Sorry if you already have checked.