Problem with Season Artwork (Infuse 6)

I’m trying to get the TV Series Foyle’s War organised.
Everything fine exept the covers for each season that isn’t consistent, which I’m trying to fix.
Have downloaded the covers from TVDB and trying to force Infuse to use these instead.
Using the instructions in HowTo’s
Season poster
seriesname/season 1-poster.jpg
To no avail. does’nt matter what i do it always download the wrong ones from TVDB.
Am i doing something wrong?
Have tried putting a folder.jpg in each folder, does’nt matter.
So to sumarize.
i Have folderstructure.
Foyle’s War
season 1-poster.jpg
\Season 1
Foyle’s War s01e01
Any help appreciated.

There’s a good chance that the problem is with tvdb. They had a major problem over the weekend and they’ve had to totally rebuild the cache for their servers.

Give it a day or two to calm down a bit and see if you get the right metadata.

Hi Mortebus,
Have you activated Library mode on the folder that holds all of your TV Shows, because custom artwork will not work without it being on.

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Thanks Yatesfox. Your Reply on a different post did the trick.

  1. Go to the TV Show collection folder (example ‘Game of Thrones’) and long press, select Edit Metadata, now select the correct TV Show from the proposed shows and your custom artwork should take over the TVDB artwork.

You have to choose a season or episode and Edit Metadata, choosing the correct Series. I guess this forces Infuse to rescan the entire Series folder. Correcting Everything.

Big thanks.

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