Problem with RavPower Filehub mediaserver

To keep the kids calm in the car I’ll use IPads for them watching movies. Furthermore I want to use a RavPower Filehub mediaserver (DNLA) to have the content shared. It kind of works with infuse, but it takes 1-2 minutes until the app finds the mediaserver. Other apps find it in a second or so, but I want to use infuse because of the different file formats.
Maybe you guys know how to fixe it… I use one old Ipad2 and one Ipad3 with infuse 4.2.

Many thanks from Berlin.



I’m experiencing the same problem here. Although the performance seems to be better if you use the file hub as a network bridge, for example at home, when you connect the device to you home network. Maybe this helps in analyzing the problem (because it doesn’t fix the problem in the car off course)?