Problem with metadata


I would like to ask you about metadata and two movies. As I understood, the Infuse (Apple TV 2) takes the data from I have problem with 2 movies

The Concubine (2013)

Aerosmith Rock For The Rising Sun (2013)


How should I name the files, that the infuse can find the metadata?

Actualy I found out how to name the Aerosmith, but don’t understand why. If I type the name “Rock.For.The.Rising.Sun.2013.720p.MBluRay.x264-FKKHD” It find it on this page, however, why can’t I name it “Aerosmith.Rock.For.The.Rising.Sun.2013.720p.MBluRay.x264-FKKHD”

And the second movie - I can’t figure it out. The page for the movie is, however, I can find the page just on my MacBook. If I try to search “The Concubine” on my iPad, it doesn’t find it. The file has this name: “The.Concubine.2013.BluRay.720p.x264.AC3.2Audio-HDWinG”. I’ve tried to change/delete the year, delete the dot etc, but nothing works. However, in the last version of aTV Flash, it found it. I’ve updated few days ago and since than it can’t find the movie. Any idea how to name it?


Thanks a lot!