Problem with metaData Only With "One piece" mange Tv show

Hi evertything it’s perfect with out one tvshow

One piece

800 episodes Tv show … ( TVDB no problem )

but it doesn’t found metadata ( all advice is for Movie not for Tvshow)

my tree

One Piece
Saison 01
One Piece - 01 - Je suis Luffy ! Celui qui deviendra Roi des pirates !.mp4
One Piece - 02 - Le grand manieur de sabre ! Roronoa Zoro, chasseur de pirates !.mp4
Saison 02
Saison 03

Any solution ??? When i Try to édit I see many One piece movie file but no One piece tv show . I can add date ? The link from tvdb is

Hi !

Try to rename your files like this : One.Piece.S01E01.mp4

Maybe it will work :wink:

PS: to rename your 800 files you can use free softwares to automate the process.

You need season and episode number on each episode (like this: ‘One Piece - S01E01 - Je suis Luffy…’) - and ‘Saison 01’ should probably be changed to ‘Season 01’, but that’s just a guess…

Thanks  i have already do :) thanks thanks but à thing Frenche name form episode cause multiple problem ( accent or l' ê éè à ù â etc .. )

tell me if that name is correct =

"One Piece - S01E23" 

Ony that it's ok for infus found all name and episode etc .. ?


Yes, I think it's ok for Infuse. :)

No i'm try 


One Piece_S02E62


infuse does'nt recognize the summary of the episode tittle ... i see Only piece 


In m'y case, I don't leave blank in name  files for series. 

That's why I name my files like this : One.piece.S01E01.mp4

I'll try but doesn't Work

infuse found épisode 

but i have no summary small thumb etc

The season 2 doesn’t have 62 episodes:
You can use an app like FileBot ( to rename all of your files with the correct SxxEyy.

For the good rename for exemple for the 9th episodes …

Normal is EP09

but if it’s season 2. the good name are S02E01 for the episode 9 i’ll must start to 1 each season or if i rename S02E09 it’s ok ?

The first one.
You should use the same episode number used by thetvdb.

For example, this is the directory structure that I’ve for Dragon Ball Super:

./Stagione 1/Dragon Ball Super S01E14.mp4
./Stagione 1/Dragon Ball Super S01E15.mp4
./Stagione 1/Dragon Ball Super S01E16.mkv
./Stagione 1/Dragon Ball Super S01E17.mkv
./Stagione 1/Dragon Ball Super S01E18.mkv
./Stagione 2/Dragon Ball Super S02E01.mkv
./Stagione 2/Dragon Ball Super S02E02.mp4
./Stagione 2/Dragon Ball Super S02E03.mkv
./Stagione 2/Dragon Ball Super S02E04.mkv
./Stagione 2/Dragon Ball Super S02E05.mkv
./Stagione 2/Dragon Ball Super S02E06.mkv
./Stagione 2/Dragon Ball Super S02E07.mp4
./Stagione 2/Dragon Ball Super S02E08.mp4
./Stagione 2/Dragon Ball Super S02E09.mp4
./Stagione 3/Dragon Ball Super S03E01.mp4


I take a lot of time to add correct informations to my shows (particulary animes). Worth it.

For One Piece I do this with folder and subfolders :

One Piece > Saison 1 > One Piece S01E01

(Eventually the name of the episode, but not necessary).

Here’s an example