Problem with metadata for TV-shows

Hi all,

I am really enjoying the Infuse experience on my AppleTV 4K and everything is working fine so far except for some metadata troubles. Its only two TV-shows that i am having issues with and both can be found on TheTVdb website but when i try to manually search for the Shows in the Infuse app, it cant find neither of them.
The shows affected are:

I have tried several times and dubble checked the spelling but still no luck…
What else can i do?

I just tried both and with the file name “Lonesome Dove.s01e01.mkv” and the series folder named “Lonesome Dove” It worked without a problem, it pulled the correct metadata and artwork.

For the second, file name “The Disappearance.2017.s01e01.mkv” and the series folder named “The Disappearance 2017” it too worked without a hitch also.

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Yes, after naming both files & folders like you did, it now works and the correct metadata is shown. Thanks!

Super, glad to help!

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