Problem with metadata and covers

Hi guys

I have a problem on my AT4 with covers changing non stop and sometimes my metadata is in english, sometimes en danish. Nothing ever stays the same.

Some of the movies change covers to something with all sort of text. It changes to the ‘not so pretty covers’. If I try to update this movie manually, it goes back to the previous cover, the next day it’s back to the ugly cover. So its like it living its own life.

I have all sort of these problems and it has been like that for month now.

Under setting its set go gather metadata. I don’t now it these means its updating meta data nonstop.



What do you have the metadata language set to in Settings?

Can you provide the name and maybe a screen pic of what you’re seeing with after you correct it and then a pic of what it goes to?


Its all kind of movies in my library.

It’s set to English.

When i correct it stays with that cover its chose, when I manually updated it, but the next day it can go back to some other art cover. Its like its happening when im not watching tv. Like its updating something in the background.


It would still help to know the name of the movie and see what poster you’re seeing after doing a correction and what poster you are seeing after it gets changed back.

Infuse does do checks to make sure the metadata is up to date so it may be updating some of the artwork that is no longer available.