Problem with m2ts files (Mepeg2TS), they can't be streamed smoothly.

I am trying to stream the media file in m2ts format from my NAS. I found that it’s almost impossible for the m2ts files to be streamed with UPnP since there will be a problem with the streaming process and Infuse will just produce the error and either send me back to the movie choosing page or skipping to play the next movie if it’s not m2ts file format.

However, this problem could be fixed by using SMB instead. In SMB mode, m2ts can be loaded fine but a few minutes of streaming and it will be put in buffering status. I know that SMB is well-known for being slow when comparing to other method of sending/receiving file but I can stream m2ts very smooth (without any lag or buffering) using the PS4 Media Sharing Application. Because of this, I believe it’s not the problem of my connection. I’m on 200mb download speed and 50mb upload speed plan. The point where I connect LAN cable to Apple TV produces 80Mbps of download and 40Mbps of upload and is pretty stable.

I don’t know if the buffering is caused by the performance of the ATV 4th Generation itself or the ability of handling m2ts file of Infuse. I will try to fine tuning my SMB server a bit more tonight and see if increasing the Sending/Receiving package size in SMB Server would help solving the problem.

Anyway, I’m posting this just to ask if anyone is also witnessing the same problem when streaming m2ts and, if ever, how could you manage to solve your problem. I really hope I could find the way to end this problem since majority of my files are Bluray Remux with m2ts. Other than this file extension, Infuse works very well and I love the UI so much that it makes things harder when you have to consider choosing other programs to replace Infuse.

I wanted to bump this. Today I’ve been trying to play a 4k UHD m2ts file streams from my NAS to my ATV 4k. All connected through a gigabit LAN.

I got a lot of buffering doing this, to the point it was unwatchable.

Are there steps I can go through to troubleshoot playing an M2TS file directly? When it played, it played great, but every few couple of minutes it would stop and buffer.

What type of device are you streaming from?

Are you using SMB? If so, the new SMB implementation coming soon in the 5.6.9 update may help.

Yes turns out I am using smb for these files as plex doesn’t recognise them so I’m connecting directly to my NAS.

Hopefully the new release fixes this. Thanks for the update!

Very curious about this as well. I recorded an OTA HD stream using my HDHomerun (recorded in mpeg2video, .ts format)… it plays fine in Infuse for about a minute and then the video stutters for a second or two and the audio becomes out of sync. A quick push on the ATV’s “fast forward” button re-syncs the video/audio.

In my case I’m loading up the share via SMB. Thoughts? :confused:

Replied in your other thread here.