Problem with jailbreak, a very normal one

Hello guys,

I was thinking to buy the aTV flash since I knew firecore but when I bought my new atv, the newest 5.1 came out. So i have to wait till couple of days ago, the newest jail break came out. I bought a Belkin mirco usb cable just for this and get everything prepared. But when I pluged the mirco USB cable into aTV when it tells you to, nothing happened, no light at all. I though that must be my cheap mirco usb cable, so I bought another one. Same result. Some say you have to use the power cord and unplug it as soon as it begins. I did the same and when I unplug the power cord, verything stoped. try to restort it, but it said that the version is different. I only have the latest verion, so how come?? Is there anyone can help me on this problem? much much appreciated.


If it is a new ATV then it is likely to be an ATV3 (see my sig). There is no jailbreak available for the ATV3.