Problem with it recognizing the network

Setup Kodi on my pc and installed Infuse on my Apple TV in the living room and it worked great. Next day started everything up and it just kept buffering. Messed with it finally recognized my network started working again. Then same thing it quit working the next day and haven’t been able to get it to work again?

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I don’t know much about kodi but is there a reason you don’t just do a SMB share from your PC and let Infuse do the metadata management?

Im new to all of this i dont even know what that is?

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When you mention setting up Kodi — are you using Kodi to manage personal content or using it for third party plug-ins to access content you don’t control online?

I’ve long used Kodi on my PC to manage my locally hosted content but have no experience using third-party extensions to stream from the web, and have no idea how you would then use Infuse to connect to such. Infuse has no professed support for Kodi as a media manager or source for content, as it does with Plex, Emby and Jellyfin.

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I should also note Infuse works absolutely fine for me on its own; meaning nothing I do in Kodi is essential to my getting the best out of Infuse, and you can get the best out of Infuse without using Kodi at all (assuming you have a local or cloud-based source for content).

I only use Kodi these days because I prefer to save all the artwork for the titles in my collection locally (including downloading the thumbnails for TV episodes and choosing my preferred artwork for posters and fanart, which might not be the currently most popular images on TMDB, where Infuse otherwise sources images) and occasionally customize the metadata displayed by Infuse using local .nfo files that I create in Kodi (but can also be created manually in notepad.exe or any number of other media management apps).

@FLskydiver provided a link to the users guide on how to set up streaming from a PC that will take you step by step through the set up.

Much easier to start with Infuse as a stand alone server. :wink: