Problem with Infuse


First of all, please excuse my English, I am French.

I really love Infuse but I have one problem with video lag.

I have a Synology DS716+II with 8GB ram + ATV 4K.

Let me explain, when I launch for exemple La La Land, at the beginning of the movie, we can see a travelling on a lot of cars of the freeway.
During this travelling, I can see small very short lags which is very annoying when you see them.

The rest of the movie is acceptable but all the travelling are doing the same thing, very short lags.

I have tested Plex application on ATV and there is no problem at all, the video is very smooth. (same video file of course)

So I think it is due to Infuse.

I have tested SMB, NFS and Plex server and the problem is exactly the same.

I could use Plex app but I really prefer to use Infuse, do you know if there is a setting I should change to get the same results I get with Plex app ?

Many thanks to all !

Have a nice day.


A little more info would help. What version ATV (4K)? How are things connected, Ethernet , wifi, combination? Did you try the different SMB versions including the “legacy” setting?

Thanks for the very quick reply.

I have ATV 4K running TV OS 12.0
The ATV is connected with ethernet cable category 6 and the same thing for the NAS.
I have not tested SMB legacy, I will check on the internet.
Do you have an advices ?



In the Version SMB list, I have auto, SMB3, 2, 1 and classic.
How can I try the legacy version ?

OK, I got it.
Classique in French is the legacy mode.
I have tested SMB 1, SMB 2, SMB3, legacy and auto and always the same problem of video lag.
I have purchased the movie on iTunes : no problem, I read the same file in Plex application : no problem

Is there someone who knows how to fix the problem ?

The video you’re having issues with, what is the resolution (720, 1080, 2160 etc) and what is the compression type (x264, x265, etc)?

Does this happen with any other video?

What do you have the ATV setting Settings → Video & Audio → Match Content (obviously you need to translate those to the French equivalent) set to?

Your description suggests that maybe your problem might be due to dropped frames which can occur when the above option is not enabled.

One thing to check is that you have the Match Content options enabled in Apple TV > Settings.

Having these on will allow the video output to match the video file being played, which will provide much smoother playback.

The problem is fixed now, I really appreciate your help, thank you very much.

One last question, which protocol is the best to get the highest quality ? Is it NFS or SMB ? If SMB, which setting is the best ? 1,2,3 ?

Again thank you very much !

It will depend a bit on your device, but SMB and NFS are both popular options. Some devices perform faster with one or the other.

With regard to SMB version, we recommend leaving it set to Auto unless you are experiencing issues.