Problem with Infuse Pro v4.1

Dear All,
yesterday I updated Infuse to version 4.1.

With my big disappointment I noticed that I am not able to delete the files from the app anymore.

I keep clicked the icon and they go in “select mode” (without shaking). Then I select the files I would like to downoad, but the “delete button” remains inactive.

For me this is a very big issue!

Attached you can find some pictures.

Same problem here. Makes the app unusable until fixed.

As of 4.1, deleting files is disabled by default and requires the ‘File Management’ setting to be enabled.

Sorted. Thanks!

I still can’t delete, either on my iPhone or my iPad. The option to delete, if I follow the “new” way is not there. I cannot click on it. The only thing I can do is to move the file to another folder, but I still cannot delete it.

Why, Firecore, did you have to change something that worked PERFECTLY as it was???

Edit: Sorry, I missed one line of information. Now I got it to work