Problem with Infuse Pro 5.5.5 on iphone 6s

Currently running ios 11.1 on an iphone 6s and can’t connect to my Synology NAS share using NFS or SMB. Infuse sees the SMB but won’t connect. Doesn’t see NFS share. Funny thing is my ipad is running same ios and Infuse 5.5.5 works - no issues.

[EDIT] I have 2 ipads and 2 iphone 6s all of them except one iphone currently run Infuse 5.5.5 without any issue. All currently run IOS 11.1. I have done a total (as new) reinstall on the rogue iphone and only downloaded Infuse from the app store and I still can’t get it to connect to my Synology NAS.

Any help / thoughts would be appreciated ??? Thanks

Hmm, very strange.

Is iCloud Sync enabled? Are the saved shares syncing automatically to the iPhone 6s? Are all devices on the same Wi-Fi network? Are you using any VPN apps?

Strange is an understatement (grin) Yes to iCloud Sync and WiFi. No to VPN. BTW other network stuff (incl: DS Video, an audiobook app that uses WebDav and a File Manager) have no issue connecting. I’ve tried WebDav from Infuse and it also failed. Like SMB it was seen by Infuse. Either iCloud sync or Trak ( not sure which ) brings across my NFS share and settings sometimes but if I try to access a file the iphone just spins it’s wheels. I also have an ATV 4 on this network and it works flawlessly. BTW I’ve also deleted the Infuse iCloud Sync file and re factory reset the phone again. I’m thinking - maybe something in the Setting menu? The rogue phone has worked with Infuse for over a year. Thanks James… any thoughts would help. I’ve run out of ideas – maybe this is my excuse to buy a new phone (grin)

If you want to send in a report we can see if we can find any clues.

A new iPhone X is a tempting option too though. :wink:

Thanks for the help. I’ll send you a report from the phone. cheers!

I Got the same problem, when im Home on my wifi. I Can Connect fine over 4g on my iPhone x

Update: my issue is solved. It seems I had some sort of ip (network) conflict which wasn’t being reset by my rebooting / reinstalling my iphone. After a total network reboot all came good.

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