Problem with high volume ATV2


I have a problem…


My ATV2 is connected to my TV using HDMI cable, so is my satelitebox and my xbox. From the TV I have a coax cable to my reciver for sound… then I don´t have to switch sound input channel on the reciver when I change betwen ATV, Digital & xbox. It´s easy for my family too…

The problem… the volume on the ATV is loud as h*ll compering to the other devices. So if somebody puts on the ATV and start the radio, a movie or whatever they are blown away by the high volume.


Is there any thing I can do to resolve this problem?


The ATV2 is jailbreaked





Sorry for my bad English grammar 


Are you running audio direct to TV and using TV speakers or external receiver?
Have you taken the receiver out of the equation to see if audio is still high on direct to tv speaker play?

Seems there were some audio settings in the main settings. I will poke around on mine and see if I find anything.

In your Settings > Audio and video, what are your settings for:
Sound Check
Dolby Digital
Audio Output