Problem with fetched artwork not showing

I have turned off the embedded metadata option in settings. I have the metadata fetch on. The artwork for the title screen before you watch a movie is correct and fetched.

My problem is that the poster artwork or main artwork for each title is using my old embedded metadata from Apple TV (formerly iTunes) It’s not the end of the world but the format is wrong and it’s zoomed in on the horizontal image instead of using a fetched vertical image.

Is there anything I can do to force through the fetched metadata artwork? This is only a problem with movies, the tv shows have worked fine

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Are there actual image files in the same folder as the movies? If so, you can remove those image files like jpg or pic files and then do an edit metadata for the movies that have the wrong artwork and re-select the correct choice then it should stick with the fetched artwork.

If the art is actually embedded in the video file itself then after you turn off the embedded metadata in the settings doing the edit metadata for those movies with the wrong artwork and re-selecting the correct movie should get you back to the fetched artwork also. If you don’t have very many in your library you may want to just do a re scan in the library settings page to be faster.

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Thank you for your reply NC, the artwork is imbedded in the mp4 files, no jpeg or other pictures in the movie folders.

I tried both of your suggestions to no avail.

THOUGH while typing this I brought one of my kids to one of my other Apple TV’s to watch a movie and on that Apple TV everything looks perfect.

I tried to close infuse on the affected Apple TV and restarted the Apple TV but that original one is still stuck with the old embedded artwork

Did you double check to make sure you have embedded metadata turned off on that one that still shows the old artwork?

Infuse shouldn’t show embedded artwork for a file as long as embedded is turned off and it’s had a chance to complete a scan for new artwork.

Yea it’s definitely off, it seems like it maybe hasn’t caught up. I did the rescan and double checked the settings just now.
Odd that it’s working on one Apple TV and not the other

You can go to the library settings screen and watch the progress of the scans.

It should say Last updated… with a date when it’s done. You may have to click on the refresh metadata and let it complete everything for the new art to show up.

Yea I redid it just now, I inly have 141 items to scan so it takes no time at all, last updated at 4:27 today, real head scratcher

Are you using iCloud sync on all of your ATVs?

EDIT TO ADD: and are you using the same Apple ID for all?

I am indeed using iCloud sync on all of them

The one that’s not taking the fetched artwork is the one I initially set up, the one that it’s working properly on I’m using for the first time. I’m wondering if I’ll have to remove and reinstall it on that Apple TV
Tried another restart to no avail

Edit: yup same ID on all

If you’re up to it I’d say delete the app, reinstall it and as soon as you launch it go to the settings and first make sure embedded is off and then go to the library page and just let it sit. You should be able to see it gather the share info and then start working on the library. You don’t need to re add the share manually. icloud will pass that on.

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That did it, thanks for your help NC

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Glad to help! Enjoy!

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