Problem with favourites and restart

I’m really impressed with aTV flash. So much so that I went and bought another ATv2. One thing that is bugging me is that when the ATV2 first comes on and I select a folder that I have saved as a favourite (In Media Player) , it causes a restart of the Atv. It’s not a reboot and it only takes a couple of seconds but annoying anyway. It’s fine when you select it the second time. This happens on both the ATV2s. This only happens on the favourites.


I’m running the latest o/s that requires the tethered boot and my media is all on a Windows Home Server. All other streaming is fine, it is just that first selection of a favourite that causes the restart?


Any ideas?

Sorry about that, it definitely doesn’t sound normal.

If you’re able to send in a bug report as described in the link below we can look into what’s going on.

Thanks James, Bug report submitted. Still getting the same result after recreating shares and favourites. Hopefully you can resolve.


I’ve got a similar problem to this.

I’ve got a my Film and TV folder from my ReadyNAS NV+ as shares and when I go in to the Films folder the Apple TV often does this quick restart.  It can happen a few times and then I’ll finally get into the folder.  Same thing sometimes happens browsing the folder, so interested in diagnosis and results from this thread.


The latest update (1.1) still hasn’t resolved this and loading the movie or TV folder often restarts the ATV.  

Can you send in a bug report? We’ll get to the bottom of it.


Next time it happens I’ll submit a log and raise a support case.

I can confirm that 1.1 has made no change to mine. Still restarting when first selecting a favourite from the Media Player menu. Subsequent selections are then fine.

Just wanted to post a quick update as this hasn’t happened to me since I installed some D-Link Poweline adapters to connect the ATV to my Netgear ReadyNAS instead of WiFi

I’ve run into this little restart glitch also. Nothing I can’t live with though. Great product. Wish there was a version of media player that I could run from a PC!

I have two atv2s, one wireless and one connected by Ethernet. Both show the same behaviour so I assume it is something related to the network share and NAS. I’ve also noticed that by adding a new movie to my share while another is in progress also causes a restart when you go back to the main menu on the atv and try and select a new movie on media player. Maybe its related to changes on the NAS and the way folders/names are cached?