Problem with External Hard Disk Drive ATV Flash 1.1.1 / AppleTV2 /Mac Lion 10.7.2

OK I admit I am a Noob - for all of that I managed to jailbreak my Apple TV2 and to install NitoTV and XBMC.  I had no success getting video files folders to be seen in XBMC - even though I am sure I had the settings right.

Now in frustration I have loaded ATV Flash (Black) and so far as it goes it’s great.  It was a lot easier to get going than anything else.  (I did try other recommended servers including PS3 Media Server and Media Master Server but to no avail.)  No trouble seeing and streaming music through various means but video was a no go.

Now I can see the files on my MacBook Pro and I have it shared (AFP wise) in ATV Flash.  But although I have my external HDD mounted and can see it in Devices and access it normally I cannot get it to list in the shared media so the whole point of ATV flash is lost for me.  I wanted to stream from my external 500 GB drive.

Any help would be greatfully received.  Even being told - no that doesn’t work at present would be great - save me a thousand more hours trying to get it to be seen in the Shared media etc.