Problem with connect - infuse - apple tv 4


I have very often problem with connection with apple tv 4. I have internet on apple tv but I can’t connect with infuse.
I can start another app on appletv (for example youtube) which need internet but infuse does not work - I have all time twirling ring.

In a few hours everything returns to normal but i not change anything.

Thanks for help!

I couldn’t understand why you have spoken about Internet connection? How you try to connect Apple TV with Infuse? Infuse is an application for Apple TV as well as for iOS devices which takes files from any share (Time Capsule, SMB, NAS, etc.) and demonstrate them on your TV through Apple TV. That’s all…

Why sometimes I can’t connect with infuse?
Sometimes i have twirling ring and can’t connect.

What type of device are you streaming from? Is this device powered on and awake?

Infuse includes an auto-wake feature, but not all devices support this.

James I am streaming from my iMac - it is all time turn on