Problem with Chapters & Its Images

Hello everyone!

The problem is:
I organize my Movies with Subler app, so I add Chapters and Chapter Images to movie container.
Everything runs smoothly via Infuse except 2 points:

  • No chapter images, only list of chapter names in ‘Info’ section, does Infuse have option to view chapter images?
  • Infuse recognizes Chapters Track as Subtitles Track, so I always have extra Subtitle Track in Subtitles section, it’s annoying.

In iTunes everything is allright: Chapters with Images; No odd subtitles.

Can u fix it?

Thanks for attention.

I have the same issue. A fix would be greatly appreciated.

This isn’t supported right now, but I’ll pass along the idea and see what we can do.

Thank you!
Extra subtitles (chapters) to disappear is more important than Chapter Images to add,
so It would be greatly appreciated to be fixed firstly.