Problem with buffering movies (i am using smb to connect with mac)


i have problem with infuse pro. I have apple tv4 connected to internet internet by wi-fi. When i have big movies files all format (.avi, .mkv, .ts) i have problem with watching movies
For example during watching 6GB movies in .mkv format first 5 minuts the movie buffers several times and i cant watch movies.

This problem doesnt exist with different apps - plex. In plex all working fast and withaut buffering movies.

I’m using SMB connect infuse with my mac.

Its a well known issue. I have same problems. They already working on a fix. So, keep fingers crossed, that an update is gonna released soon.


I wait for fix this

Yeah I have this problem as well. It gets the spinning wheel after 5 - 10 mins into the movie then errors out and you have to back all the way out and restart and resume the movie. happens mostly with large 1080p mkv files. Awaiting fix, will just use Plex until then. Macbook pro, ATV4, connected via Apple Airport with 50 mbps internet.

Buffering and load times will be greatly improved in the 4.0.2 update.

Stay tuned!

I still have The Problem with Infusion 5.0… =(
The only reason I’m using Infuse instead of Plex is because of the 7.1 surround sound… but if I can’t see the movies…makes no sense…