Problem with Audio Passthrough


in past I chosed “Passthrough” for Audio to let my AV-Receiver decode the DTS or Dolby Signal.
Everything worked well.

Since a few days I have only Noise on my speakers when I choose “Passthrough” for Audio.

Any idea?

Mod edit - this is a bug related to tvOS 11.3. Discussion here.

There are some other issues being worked on but if you set your audio in Infuse to “Auto” and the Apple TV set to “Best Quality Available” as recommended in the support pages it should work like a charm.

This gives you the best possible audio output.

This solution is not as good as audio stereo when you take auto. passthrough must be resolved absolutely.

I have the same problem since new tvOS realesed. Absolutely must be resolved as soon as possible! It’s a really priority to fix this bug! Personally I bought this app because was the solution to the pass through on Apple TV…and now it doesn’t work! A very fast update needs to be realesed

Same thing here. Since tvOS 11.3, the audio passthrough only provides a strong noise. And today I see Infuse got updated, making the passthrough feature disappear from the audio stream selection panel. …now it can only be found in the general Infuse settings.
I really hope you guys are not going to delete this feature completely.

This is the best looking media client for AppleTV but thats about it.

Untl you guys can fix the audio and playing issues - its just a decoration.

How can MrMC and Kodi have such a light player and get it right and you guys cant just mimic that part?

Dont get me wrong - if you guys fix it Ill clearly stick with it, but until then I cant deal with the audio delay…

FWIW, this topic is about the broken audio passthrough in tvOS 11.3. This is related to an Apple bug, and affects all apps that previously had passthrough enabled and working.

We’ve also been looking into a few reports of audio sync with 4K content that can appear in some cases, and we have a number of improvements in this area coming in 5.7 which is nearly completed. 5.7 will also feature our all-new native Plex integration which many have been looking forward to.

If you’d like to give the beta a try and see if it helps in your specific case, please drop me a PM and I’ll get you set up in TestFlight.


James no need. My apologies to you sir. I let my frustrations get the best of me. I saw another audio thread and I commented.

I have used infuse on multiple platforms for 7 some odd years now.

This is my last post on this topic. I will await an update and see if its resolved.

Again my apologies

Thank you so much for the clarification, James. It‘s good to know the root cause of issue has already been identified. Appreciate your support very much.

Hi James. Is the passthrough going to be fixed on 5.7 or we will need to wait for a new tvOS update?

I installed new beta update of tvOS and the problem’s still there… so i don’t think a new version of firecore can fix that sadly